Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis has been released!



UPDATE: The torrent download is up in the release thread!

Thanks to the super fast connection I have at university, I was able to upload the entire release to Mediafire in one day!

This release has been a real pain to record: for some obscure reason the tracks were very quiet and I had to amplify quite a bit to make them sound at a comfortable level and, on the other hand, the PCM samples were super loud!
Finding the right level has been painful because I didn’t want absolutely the samples to clip but neither I wanted to have the tracks too quiet.

In the end, after endless recordings and tests, I decided to set a level high enough and de-emphasize the PCM samples: those would be ok if played during gameplay where you keep the sound to certain levels, but in a soundtrack they would make your ears bleed since you’d be listening to them at a much higher volume.

Finding the “sweet spot” for the PCM samples has been hard too because I didn’t want them to overshadow the music but neither I wanted them to sound too quiet/artificial, so I had to fiddle quite a bit to find the right volume for them so that they would blend flawlessly with the rest of the track.

It has been a hard but I managed to make very good work imho, I’m looking forward to hear from you guys what you think of this release!

Also, there are two bonus track for you: the opening and credits in German!
That’s right, the German version of this game had the voices in German and the Opening has the first loop a bit longer than the English one. Hope you’ll enjoy this little extra we’ve dig for you. :]

What else… you’ll probably notice that Youtube has a new (crappy imho) interface now: hopefully you’ll manage to get your way through it.
You’ll probably notice that the Featured Video (or front page video, whatever) has gone and has been replaced by a “Trailer Video” to introduce those that haven’t subscribed yet to the channel. Those who already subscribed won’t see it anymore.

So I’m currently looking for someone to make this “Trailer Video” to introduce the people to our project. I have a few ideas in mind but I need someone good at making videos, in particular someone who’s good at fiddling with special effects.
If you think you’re good enough, please contact me at [email protected] or through our Forum.

And that’s all for now, stay tuned for other news and future releases!

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