Rocket Knight Adventures is here!

After endless delays we finally made it!

I want to spend few words on this release as it has a different approach from all the others we’ve done so far.
There’s been several people disappointed with the lack of what we called “jingles”. What are those anyway? These are small pieces of music such as an end stage music and, in general, things that last or loop for few than 20 seconds.
Since there are games that have billions of these jingles I decided that our releases would focus on making the “themes” and music perfect rather than taking more time and make lots of small files for each jingle.

What happened in Rocket Knight Adventures is that I decided to blend some of the jingles with the actual music of stages and so on.
Maybe the best example is the last track, “Continue?, Game Over” where they perfectly blend one into each other, seamlessly, and they make one continuous track.
I’ve mixed jingles and tracks in a way that it makes some kind of sense: for example the first stage has the Stage Intro and Outro in it because it is what you would hear in the game if you would start a game and then clear the stage. Same applies for the rest.

I recognize, though, that it could be annoying to someone who wants to hear only that particular tracks and, instead, he has to hear, taking the above example, the Stage Intro jingle every time.

I have to say, though, that I made a very good work at blending these tracks (were possible) but I strongly need your feedback on this because if you find this approach annoying I would not make it anymore (and it will save a lot of time too).
So please be sure to report to our and tell us what you think!

Enough with the talks, head over to our media section or the release thread for the torrent file (yeah, it is already up!) and get it while it’s hot!

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