Join us in our AMA! (Ask Me Anything)

Hello community,

I wanted you to know that I’ve opened an AMA (Ask Me Anything) where you can ask me whatever you want about the project and I’ll try to reply whenever I have time to all of your questions.

Asking a question is a matter of seconds since you don’t have to register and you can make the question in absolute anonymity, so even those that are shy and don’t want for some reason to “expose” themselves, you can safely take part in our AMA without worrying about your privacy. :]

To take part, just click this link and ask!

Bear in mind that I won’t always be online and checking the page, so if I haven’t replied to you yet, be sure to check back in 1-2 days!

Also, before asking a question, read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to make sure that your question hasn’t already been answered, otherwise the response will just be a link to that page.

See you there!