Gain Ground released!

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As a week has passed since the last release from our new contributor, Richard Mixin, here comes another contribution from the man himself!

Many more have already been submitted and the next one is going to be HUGE! Make sure to keep following us as next week we’re going to be back with a fantastic arcade port of a truly iconic game!

Thanks again, Richard!

P.S.: our guidelines have been updated again with a nice TL;DR, which will hopefully make the entire thing a bit less daunting. I’ve also colored all the new additions in blue to make them easier to find.

And one more thing: we’ve been in talks with Deadfish Shitware and we’re going to have a new, improved VGM Player soon. There’ll be a post about it because we’ve now achieved not only frame perfect accuracy, but we’ve also found a way to further improve the noise floor without making any hardware modification! We’ll talk about this when we’ll have everything ready so that our contributors will benefit from the new VGM player as well.