A new contributor appears! And it’s Batman time!

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Please welcome our new contributor, Richard Mixin as he kindly provides us with a new community release!

It’s Batman time!

Richard has been generous enough to make several contributions which are going to be unveiled as I check them and upload them, so stay tuned: each week we’ll be back with a new community release from our new contributor!

I’ll also take the opportunity to remind everyone that we’ve once again updated our guidelines on how to contribute to our project and those are in dire need to be rewritten once again with a nice TL;DR at the beginning since the document is going quickly out of control and is becoming more and more massive with each revision, despite my best efforts.

Thanks so much to all our contributors for keeping the project alive and joining us in our cause: the goal of archiving properly all the Mega Drive games is suddenly becoming more and more tangible with each contribution.