Lots of new requests!

Thank you guys for all your requests you made so far, we’re literally flooded now and will start asap fulfilling them, one by one.

If you’re asking yourself “When will you fulfill my request?”, know that our rule of thumb is as follows:

  • Requests most seconded by more users will have max priority
  • If there are two or more games that have the same number of requests, the oldest one will have priority.

“But I really want my request to be fulfilled now!”.
Sorry bro, you have to respect the queue: we have requests made one month ago yet to be fulfilled, please understand that these guys deserve their patience to be rewarded.

“But you’ve been doing nothing for 3-4-5-n days! Hurry up!”
Dude, this is a free project, it’s not a work. We work as hard as we can but we have priorities: some of us study and have exams, someone is getting a degree, others work full time: our free time is limited and we do what we can.

Our goal is to get a release out every week or 10 days max. We’ll not leaving any request behind, I promise, every single request made will be fulfilled, just don’t give up your hopes. :]

And that’s all! Stay tuned!

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