Torrent downloads are live!!!

It’s my pleasure to inform you that thanks to a huge effort made by our staff member Haggar, we finally have torrent downloads!

That’s right, you can simply get the torrent and download the whole album without downloading single tracks.
This is a great goal that many, many users have requested and now it’s here and I’m very happy about it.
The only “downside” of this is that torrent downloads will be available only to registered users. You can register in our forum.

You may say “Oh God, please no, I don’t want to register on this website! I don’t want to put all my personal data and go through an entire registration process! And what about the mail spam? I don’t want more spam in my mail!”

You’re terribly wrong about this.
Registering is (of course) free and will take you only few seconds as the only thing you have to put in is your desired user name and your email as a password will be sent to your mail. You don’t even have to activate your account through some special link whatsoever, you just put in the password mailed to you and you’re done. Super fast.
I can guarantee you that you’ll get absolutely 0 (ZERO) spam in your mail as this website is completely ad free and I don’t get ANY INCOME from it, I’m doing it purely for passion.

So you may ask – why do we have to register?
Because I’d like you to be part of our community and contribute in some way to the project. We work hard to bring you the highest quality soundtracks on the web and we ask nothing back but your feedback so we can become better.
If you don’t want to be actively part of the community then it’s fine, you can just register and get the torrents, although I’d really, really love to hear from all of you. :]

That’s it then!
To get the torrents simply head over to our media page, choose the game’s soundtrack you want to get and hit the link to the forum on the bottom of the page, it will take you to its release thread on the forum were you’ll find the torrent.

For convenience, I’ve created a thread inside the Releases forum with all the releases done so far and their torrent link, so you can simply go to the Master List to choose and download the release you want. (registration needed, obviously)

Hope you enjoy! If you have time please consider register to comment this news and say a big, big “THANK YOU!” to Haggar for his hard work: he really deserves it.

And as always… stay tuned for upcoming releases!

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