A quick heads up on requests

Hi everyone, I’ve seen that there are lots of people making different requests in the forum and that makes us real happy and we will be fulfilling them asap.

I just wanted to give a quick heads up on some things related to requests, first of all how we choose which request to fulfill first.
When we have to choose we look at the request threads and see if there’s a request seconded by more users: in that case we will be putting out the game that has been requested by more users.

Then I want to talk about how a request should be made.
There’s an example request thread that I’d really like everyone to go and see before making a request that explains in detail how to properly make a request.

First thing is: each game must have its own thread.
There’s been a trend recently where people just opened a topic listing several games in it.
This is not how things should be done.
Because it makes it harder for us to know exactly what request to put out first.
Imagine a thread titled “Suggestions for some games”.
When we browse the request forum how the hell are we supposed to know at a glance which games have been requested most?
We should go into each single thread and note down each game requested because they may have been requested in another “list thread” and that takes away a considerable part of our time and creates “double requests”, making it harder for us to know what request fulfill first.
So remember: for each game, its own thread, so we can just look at the threads, see the post count and know what game do first. And it saves time for you too: if you see a game you want to be released, just get in and post “I’d like to see this game released too!”.

Moving on the request topic: when you make a request, PLEASE include also the cover art; this should be at least 350×500 pixel big for us to use it.

Last but not least, a quick word on how we decide what to put in the releases and what not.
As a rule of thumb we put in everything but the jingles, aside from “extended jingles” which are those that last more than 12 seconds. For example, we’ve not put in the “Zone Complete” jingle in the Sonic games (the one you hear when you complete a zone with the score overlay) because I believe it was ~6 seconds.
Why do we not put them in?
Because that would made our releases HUGE and, beside that, I personally check every single track after recording them to make sure they’ve been correctly ripped with the highest quality. Listening over and over to 10+ jingles would lead me to madness.
Despite this, when you’re making a request you can request 1, max 2 particular jingles you want to hear from that game: they’ll not be put in the “official” release, but you will be able to download them from the game page (there’ll be a “bonus” part after the “regular” tracks).

That’s all. Now, please, if you’ve made a request in the forum that does not comply with the above, go and fix it otherwise, I’m sorry, they’ll be ignored.

P.S.: we’re at a good point with the torrents, stay tuned!

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