We’ve reached the 10th release! Enjoy Alien³!

This might be one of our first milestone, our tenth release: Alien³!
And what a release it is!
It has been requested in the forums and here we go! Let me tell you something more about  it.

This release has been a bit of a pain due to the Main Title theme not reproducing entirely neither in the sound test, nor during the demo play, so we had to pull the VGMs off and guess what? It is made of 2 different VGMs!
Yeah, that’s right, there an intro which loops and then the theme you hear when the title comes up. To get things even worse those two themes overlap each other for a short time!
So I had to record each piece separately and then join them and mix them down taking care of making the second part play at the right time! Jeez!
Anyway it all went well and I’m really satisfied with the work I’ve done and I’m sure you guys will appreciate it.

But the surprises don’t end here! In fact I’ve discovered that there was a hidden track that never plays in the game!
There’s the 20th Century Fox parade in it! That’s totally awesome, check it out!

Aaaaaaand that’s it for now, stay tuned for future releases!

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