News, changes, problems!

Hey everyone!

I’m writing to reassure you guys that the torrents for Vectorman will be out during this weekend as we all had a lot of work to go through this week.

Now I want to talk about how request works and how bad the decision of giving max priority to those that had been requested most has been.

Here’s the situation: there are a ton of request made more than 2 months ago that have yet to be fulfilled because there are some games (namely the most well-known franchises) that have (and will have!) a lot of requests and so they’ve become top priority while lesser known games has been left in the dust.

I hope that everyone agrees that this is not fair for those that have made a request a long, long time ago while they are still seeing other requests filled. This is clearly demoralizing.

So, here’s the change: from now on we’ll be putting out alternately the oldest request we have (despite how many times it has been seconded) and the most requested one.

I feel this is a more fair way of filling requests that should satisfy everyone, even those that ask for a lesser known game to be ripped. It may be subject to change again in the future, depending on how it works out.

I’d like to talk now about how many releases we’re going to put out every month realistically: as you all know, this is a free project and everyone do what they can, taking time away from their free time each day.
I was hoping we could accelerate the process and put a release out each week for a total of 4 releases per month but I’ve found out that it would be too much of an effort for all of us (keep in mind that while there are people in the project that are still studying and have a good amount of free time, there are others that work almost full time and have very little time for the project) so we’re going to decrease that to 3 releases per month, one each 10 days.

Also, I’d like to introduce the Fix Week.
As you may notice, there are flaws throughout the project: some tracks have been ripped badly, others are missing a loop, there some problems on the website/youtube channel, there are bad links in the games’ pages… this stuff takes time to be fixed (especially when there’s an entire game to be ripped again – yeah, I’m looking at you, Comix Zone) and will take time away from publishing a new release.
So, from time to time, there will be a Fix Week announced: during this week we’ll work hard towards fixing all the possible problems that you’ve pointed out so far and, as a consequence, eventual releases will be postponed.

Sadly, that’s not all.
Darktooth, our Youtube Administrator, left the project due to time issues and we are now (again) looking for a new admin: if you feel like you can handle the task, please let me know either by posting in the forums or sending me an email at [email protected]

On behalf of all the staff, we’d like to wish Darktooth good luck and, above all, a very big thank you for all he has done for us. You rock!

Phew, that’s another big wall of text, isn’t it?
Hopefully that will not become too much of an habit ;]

See ya guys!

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