Vectorman soundtrack released and featured articles!


After a long, long time finally we have a new release out!

This time we have Jon Holland in da house rocking some serious electronica with Vectorman!
While the game may not be as iconic as Sonic or appealing as a Streets of Rage, its soundtrack is absolutely S rank.

I think this is the first videogame in the 16 bit era that has a well thought electronica soundtrack using different escamotages to overcome the Mega Drive’s sound chip limits.

To know what I’m talking about, please head over to our new Featured Articles section of the website you can find in the Menu: we have an exclusive interview with Jon who explains how the soundtrack has been created! That’s awesome stuff, you really need to check it out!

Onto the apologies: I know, I promised this release to be out by the end of the past week but we have undergone some serious work as you may (or may not) notice: The Equipment page is gone from the menu but you can still reach it through our FAQ page and in its place is now the aforementioned Featured Articles page where you can read all the articles written by our brave followers.

But that’s not all!
We have a new forum section too dedicated to the articles and that’s how you can submit one!
Yeah, you read that right: do you have some “insider” information that no one knows about a game? Do you want to write a review about one of our releases? Do you have some exclusive interview with someone who worked in the creation of a game?
Write an article for us! Submit it into our Featured Articles forum and if it’s good it may even make front page and be on our Articles page on the website!

Well, that’s quite a wall of text but these are amazing news for our project which keeps expanding and gaining popularity among the web and that’s awesome, just like our little, active community! You guys rock! :]

That’s all, there are a few more things coming, stay tuned so you don’t miss them!

P.S.: as always, the torrent download will be available shortly.

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