We’re now accepting community releases!

Hi everyone,

this is a turning point in the project and although there are many, MANY important topics to discuss, I feel like this is the most important of all.

As you may have noticed, we have already accepted community releases in the past (for example from Roareye – I had sent my him old recording equipment to record 32x and Amiga games) and now I’ve decided it’s time to open the project up to external contributions.

One important thing: although those releases will be shared through our website and with our “label” on it (which has always been the hallmark of utmost quality and accuracy), those will be clearly labeled as “Community Release” to distinguish them from our own releases.
Hopefully this won’t be received as a form of discrimination, but as we still don’t have a group of people dedicated to closely listen to the contributions and decide whether to accept or reject them, we don’t want to mess it up.

Speaking of which, I really need a group of people to listen to the contributions to make sure they adhere to our (very) high standards. This means that there will be something like “The Golden Ears Committee” who’ll be able to mainly discern bad rips and judge the recording quality.

I don’t have the time to follow all of this, I need help keeping this project rolling.

To sum it up: right now everyone can contribute and there won’t be any kind of quality check on the contributions *BUT* all of the contributions will have to adhere to some rules. After posting this, I’ll be making a new page in the website (and axing the “Articles” section which, unfortunately, never really took off) named “Contribute” where you’ll find the guidelines which you MUST follow if you want your contribution to make it into our releases.
As of now, only Mega Drive/Genesis contributions will be accepted. This might change in the future, but one rule will always apply: no matter what: NO NINTENDO GAMES. And by this I don’t mean strictly Nintendo consoles, but whatever games were made or published directly by Nintendo (think super mario, zelda, etc…). Nintendo has always been extremely hostile to those kind of projects and I don’t want to see this 7 year project fall to a Cease and Desist case.

This is all happening very quickly, so there might be changes over time, it’s all very unstable right now but since I have some spare time, I want to do this now and, eventually, revise it at a later time.

Before starting sending in your rips, please read the guidelines,

Thanks for sticking with us and stay tuned, hopefully I’ll manage to squeeze another release before getting back to work!