Streets of Rage 3, our first Community Release, is out!

Streets of Rage 3
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Hello everyone and welcome to a new milestone in our project, our first Community Release which is none other than one of the most requested game we had lately: Streets of Rage 3!

For those who’ve missed our previous posts and are wondering what a “Community Release” is: those are releases made by our community following our very strict guidelines (which you can read here) which ensure that the resulting tracks follow our very high quality and accuracy standards.

This release is kind of a particular one because I’ve been in talks with its author, Lilmattere, for quite a long time as he dedicated lots of time in trying to squeeze the best sound possible out of his Mega Drive.

The last word on our first community release will, of course, be all of you, so make sure to let us hear your feedback and let us know how we can improve Community Releases in any way: we’re always looking for ways to improve not just on audio quality and accuracy, but also bringing the knowledge to do proper rips to our own community and help us out in our mission.

Hope you enjoy our first community release and, as already said, please make sure to report any issues either in our forums in the release’s own thread or through our Facebook or Twitter page so we can notify the author and get the release fixed ASAP if needed.

Happy listening!