Our Forum platform sucks

I mean, I’m trying to do stuff and it is agonizingly slow, moving topic around is a pain, everything feels really sluggish.

I’m really hating it with a passion and that’s why tomorrow I’ll go full YOLO and install a new forum platform based off BBForum which (hopefully) will yield better results.

All the data will be migrated but I absolutely don’t give any kind of guarantee that it will go alright.

The user database is inside WordPress itself and as such you won’t have to register again but I make no promises that all your threads and posts will be migrated correctly.
I strongly encourage you to jot down the games you’ve requested so far because they may be lost during the migration.

Sorry about this sudden change, but I really couldn’t bear with this forum platform anymore.

The Forum will be locked down tomorrow at 14.00 CEST time so I can install the new platform and migrate all the data.

Hopefully everything will work out nicely and we’ll see again on the new boards tomorrow evening!