The quest for perfection

The quest for perfection

Probably someone already knew this because they saw the post I made yesterday on Facebook, but here we go…

I’m proud to announce you that our recording chain has been upgraded.

By now everyone knows how I strive to get perfect, flawless sound out of the source to provide you not only the most accurate soundtracks ever made, but with the best quality possible: it’s my personal quest, my mission to never stop improving the audio quality of our project and always taking it to the next level.
Lately I’ve received enthusiastic emails praising my work and that not only kept me going, but further pushed me to get even better results with my work to keep you amazed with our releases thus setting a new quality standard.

Well, enough with the talks, lets get down with the changes:

The most critical part, the audio interface, has been upgraded with a (definitely) better one: the TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6

Desktop Konnekt 6

What does this mean?
It means that from now on our releases will sound even better, cleaner, fuller, and more dynamic.

The changes doesn’t stop here: I’ve made some small adjustments to the Mega Drive/Genesis as well as the output level was a tad too high and was saturating the sound providing a little bit of distortion – now that’s fixed as well.
To reduce background noise the headphone socket has been replaced with a sturdy professional 6.3mm jack for perfect contact.

This also means that, for coherence matters, we will be ripping the games we’ve already released AGAIN since they needed to be reuploaded with proper cover artwork and HD Youtube video however.
Every time a game will get re-ripped and released you’ll know it because at the end of the game name there will be a REMASTERED- tag, meaning the the soundtrack has been updated.

News doesn’t stop here though.

Our staff member Roareye will be taking active part in the project by releasing Amiga games’ soundtracks following our principles:

  • 100% accuracy towards the source – what the source outputs is what you’ll hear, no filters or stuff added
  • Maximum recording quality – everything will be released in high resolution FLAC sampled at 96 Khz and 24 bit (and lower formats as well for convenience)

To achieve this, I’ll be sending him my previous recording equipment on a “long term loan” so he’ll be able to provide you guys Amiga soundtracks recorded with astounding quality.

This means that Roareye is now effectively the second admin of the project and will be working actively with me releasing Amiga soundtracks! Gratz!! :D
And that’s it for now guys… that’s a whole lot of news, hope you’re happy with how the project is evolving!

Stay tuned as a new release is coming out shortly and keep an eye out for these Remastered soundtracks! You won’t believe your ears. ;]

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